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  •  Be a moderator for over a week
  •  Be active
  •  Be trusted
  •  Be helpful,friendly try to show the owners that you're worthy
  • To apply you need to have a moderator rank first
  • Know all of the rules,commands etc.
  • Show the owners that you can manage a server

Form :
  1. Link to your first application :
  2. Do you have a moderator rank in game? (If not stop applying) :
  3. How long have you been on the server? (Be honest) :
  4. Are you active? :
  5. Your discord username, your steam profile link & other messaging apps you use (Easier to contact you, very important) :
  6. Why should we choose you as an administrator? (50+ words) :
  7. Tell more about yourself (Write in detail) :
  8. Can you manage the server and the staff? How do you imagine yourself as the Administrator (Write in detail) :
  9. Why do you want to become an Administrator? (Write in detail) :
  10. Do you think you're experienced enough to become an Administrator? :
  11. Do you think you're trustworthy enough? :
  12. Do you know all of the rules & most of the ULX commands? :
  13. Do you think that the current staff likes you as a staff member and would preffer you to become an Administrator? (They all will be asked) :
  14. What should we expect from you when you become an Administrator? (100+ words) :

How am i going to be accepted?
  • We're going to rate your application
  • We're going to monitor your in-game behaviour check your activity, warnings etc.
  • The owners will decide if you're accepted or not (our vote is final) :

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