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PrisonRP F.A.Q
Q. What is mistycommunity?

A. MistyCommunity is a server provider, that hosts a lot of servers on diffrent videogames. Such as Rust,Garry's Mod,7 Days to Die and etc.

Q. I have been banned what do i do?
A. If you feel like you have been punished incorectly then you can post a ban appeal in the forums.

Q. A staff member is abusing his powers what do i do?
A. If you have solid proof of a staff member abusing his powers please contact any of the admins on our discord server.

Q. How can i get VIP?
A. You can get V.I.P on the forums, click the "Donate" above and use paypal to get tokens.

Q. Can i apply for staff?
A. If you think you're experienced enough you can apply for staff in the forums

Q. What is PrisonRP?
A. PrisonRP is a gamemode where you have to either survive or escape out of the prison. It is a semi-serious roleplay which means you have to follow the rules carefully! FearRP, NLR etc exists.

Q. Who are the owners of the server?
A. Logic0 and ItsLukass / Discord : Logic0#9922 , ItsLukass@1337

Q. Why discord?
A. Because discord is superior

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