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The best Roomba for a big house
I would suggest the 900 series or later because they have multi-room navigation (using the camera in the top of the robot). It’s still not especially smart, but at least it can clean most or all of one floor of the house, without needing to be picked up and taken to different rooms like previous models that used random bounce navigation.

(The 800 series can do two or three rooms at once, though it requires “Virtual Wall Lighthouses”, which are different from the regular “Virtual Wall Barriers”, to do so, and I imagine you’d have to move them too or buy more if you want to use the Roomba in more rooms.)

If there’s a lot of dirt, you might want the i7+, which comes with the “Clean Base”, which provides the self-emptying function. But unless you’re sure you need that, I’d say just get the i7 (without the Clean Base) first and buy the Clean Base later (turning it into an i7+) if you find you’re emptying the robot’s bin too often.

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[Image: Does-Roomba-learn-the-floor-plan.png]

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