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PrisonRP Staff Rules
Staff Rules:

You must respect players & staff alike.
You must follow the server rules, you are NOT exempt from them.
If you are the only staff member online you must go “On Duty.”
You may only use powers as “Staff on Duty” This includes a warning. This rule does not apply to Superadmins.
You may not use your physgun on users without a reason.
You may not roleplay as “Staff on Duty.” Ex: You may not own any printers, a base, etc.
You must listen to your superiors, don't be a dickhead.
You may never use a command on another staff member, this excludes teleporting to them or bringing them in the case that you take their ticket.
You may NOT teleport, and or spectate any other staff without their permission.
You may not ask a superior to review your application or ask for a promotion. Doing so will result in your denial for the position and possible demotion.
You must be in the Event Team to host an event.
Do not AFK on duty.
You may not handle your own sits or any sit that involves you directly, make your own ticket.

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