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Resume For Police or FIB
What is your discord tag (ex: ItsLukass#4658): Nv_Atomic#2366
How old are you? (min 14 years old): 15
Steam profile link:
Screenshot of your playtime: 97 hrs on record
last played on Jun 22

Source SDK Base 2007

Do you have any experience as a law enforcement officer?: nope but i'm good at other stuff

Do you have a working microphone?: yes
What is your timezone?: central pacific
How often will you be able to patrol?:pretty often if i have the right gear
Are you apart of any other servers LEO departments?: no

If so which server and which department?: no
Why would you like to join our department? (min 60 words): i'm good at defusing situation peacefully and i like rping as a cop and i also and trying to become an fib agent too
What are the first six of the 10-Codes? Example ( 1st code, 2nd code, 3rd code, etc.):use caution, signal weak, signal good, and stop transmitting
Scenario 1: A Civilian is going 40 MPH in a 30 MPH Zone. How would you handle this incident?: id let them off with a verbal warning

Scenario 2: 2 Civilians are street racing on the public roads and they are both intoxicated. How would you handle this incident?: id arrest the one going faster and give the other a ticket and they would both stay at the station until someone picks them up

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